Dementia Less Likely if You Exercise Your Mind

Alzheimer’s Disease is a degenerative disease of the brain meaning that brain cells progressively die off, gradually causing loss of intellectual abilities -- such as memory (amnesia) -- and extreme changes in personality and behaviour. These manifestations form what is known as Dementia.

This week, Michael Valenzuela won a Eureka Prize for his research into how keeping your mind active can discourage the onset of dementia, as reported in the SMH. He performed a study of almost 29,000 people and found that a life filled with complex mental activity almost halved the chance of developing dementia. The article quotes that another study found: “those who led mentally stimulating lives had ‘less shrinkage of the hippocampus’, the area of the brain associated with memory and the first area affected by Alzheimer's.”

Dr Valenzuela says that even if you are past retirement age you can still modify your risk of dementia by keeping your mind active. And it’s not just about getting into the crosswords and other solitary activites (although these are very good for the mind) – social interacion and physical activity are very important in maintaining a healthy brain too.
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