Distill water from your own pee and sweat

Here on Health and Fitness, we find there's nothing healthier and fitter than consuming the waste products of your own body.

Well, not drinking it straight from the source... as Wikipedia notes:

"Drinking the urine will only make one reingest the salts that have already been excreted by the kidneys. "

But it's mostly water, and it seems like a shame to just throw it away, contaminating perfectly fine drinking water with your waste.

Luckily, NASA wants to knock this problem out, and they've done so with a project that costs $250 million, a filtration system that turns urine, sweat and waste water back into drinking water.

Yes, the astronauts are ready to drink their pee. From the article in the NYT, astronauts are eager to get a sip of the stuff:

"As Sandra H. Magnus, one of the astronauts who will be among the first to drink water produced by the new system aboard the station, noted in a recent interview, our earthbound water has been endlessly filtered through bodies, evaporated and rained down again. “We drink recycled water every day,” she said, “on a little bit longer time scale.”"

John Schwartz, the reporter from the Times, tasted the water, pictured above, and found that it tasted like water. Hallelujah! Water! We have water!

While it may not have the 'medicinal benefits' touted by therapists in India and China, drinking recycled water is a good move for everyone, especially the environment. NASA figures that the system will pay for itself, in the reduced cost of sending additional water with the astronauts.
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