Health Benefits of Cranberries

The health benefits of cranberries are astounding and they are best known for their antioxidants and in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infection. These healthy properties has earned the fruit the tag of nutrient powerhouse.

While cranberries can be eaten off the plant, its acidic taste tends to overwhelm its sweetness so it is generally served as a sauce, in juice or used in baking.

Best known for helping prevent urinary tract infections by preventing bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract, studies have shown many other health benefits of this fruit including dental health, heart health anti-ulcer and anti-cancer properties.

In dental health, studies have shown that cranberries prevent bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums - much like in the urinary tract - thus reducing the formation of plaque which often leads to gum disease.

Cranberries are also found to contain high levels of flavonoids - a cancer fighting compound - which combats cardiovascular disease and may also prevent certain types of cancers.
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