Health benefits of Eggplant

Their glossy purple skin and pear-shaped egg form makes eggplants a veggie that is hard to miss at the markets. Native to China and India and members of the Nightshade family which also includes potatoes, tomatoes and peppers, not many people know that eggplant is actually a fruit.

Some might find that liking eggplant to be an acquired taste, but I personally love them for its flavour and ability to absorb the flavour and juices of other ingredients. And also, its health benefits such as high fibre content, which helps our digestive process i.e. softens stool and also acts against coronary heart disease among other things.

Other nutritional values of eggplants include vitamins (in particular, C, as well as B1), proteins and minerals (potassium) and phytonutrients which act similarly as antioxidants. For example, flavonoids exhibit cancer fighting properties and phenolic compounds, such as caffeic and chlorogenic acid, are antioxidants. Nasunin helps prevent damage of cell membranes and blocking the creation of free radicals.

Eggplants also have anti-bacterial, diuretic effects due to its level of potassium which also plays a role in regulating blood pressure. Small traces of copper, magnesium and niacin can also be found.
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