How Fresh Are Your Fruit & Vegetables?

Choice Magazine has compiled a report on just how fresh bought fruit and vegetables actually are.

Choice tells us that getting the produce from the growers to the local supermarket often involves loading and offloading from trucks and transporting over long distances. This can result in less then fresh fruit and vegetables. They claim that apples can be up to a year old when you buy them and grapes may have been stored for over 2 months.

This table provided by the magazine lists the storage times before the sale of many fruits and will aid you in picking the freshest fruit.

It is important to buy the freshest fruit as the nutrient content of fresh vegetables decreases during storage. For example, English Spinach retains only 53% of its folate and 54% of its carotene (Vitamin A) after 8 days stored at fridge temperatures. But Choice adds that “frozen vegetables retain most of their nutrients and can be more nutritious than ‘fresh’ vegetables that have been transported over long distances.”
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