It is important to get your kids to eat more vegetables

Vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals that our body need on a daily basis. It is an integral part of one’s daily diet. The importance of vegetables in your diet can be just talked about, but never realized, for the significance of vegetables and fruits in our diet is huge. However, it is seen that the children often look away from the dining tables when they see cooked vegetables being served.

Those plants that we can eat or parts of other plants apart from the sweet fruit or the seeds are called vegetables and all of us know what these are. Typically, the stems, roots or leaves of plants are termed together as vegetables. Anything that comes from a plant that we can eat, which are not fruits or seeds of that plant are termed as vegetables.

They are rich in vitamins, provitamins, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals and have least contents of protein and fat. Plant nutrients are hugely obtained from vegetables and hence, it is more important for us to ensure that all in the family, including children should have enough quantity of vegetables in their diet on a daily basis.

Some vegetables can be consumed raw. Hence, we should encourage our children to eat more of these raw vegetables, like carrot, radish, beet root, onions, spinaches etc. We should ensure that the raw vegetables are thoroughly washed before serving the children. Children would love to eat them raw as these are the only things in our diet that are allowed to be eaten this way, apart from fruits.

Cooked vegetables, in the form of curry or with some gravy can also be served to children who like to eat breads. Vegetable curry with bread is just yummy and most children would love to eat like that. Mostly, vegetables can be used to prepare savory and salty curries which are liked by average children. We can definitely try this form of vegetables for children who would not like to eat raw.

Fresh vegetable juices are often liked by many. Carrot, lettuce and spinach are often served as juices and the preparation of these are also very easy. We just need to wash the carrots, clean them and dice them before putting into the juicer. The juice that we get from spinach, lettuce or carrot can be served with a sprinkle of salt.

One thing that each and every child in this world would like to eat is a sweet dish or any preparation that contains sugar or jiggery. We can also prepare sweet dishes, cakes and pies from vegetables which children will definitely like. The children will eat these with great satisfaction.

However we prepare vegetables, we need to ensure that the children in our families like to eat those preparations. The positioning of our vegetable dishes should target the children and their eating habits. It is our duty to ensure that the children get to eat ample amount of vegetables daily. For a healthy growth and development of their brains, vegetables are most important. It is very important to get our kids to eat as much vegetables as possible for their own good and unless they understand this and start eating on their own, it is the responsibility of the elders in the family to ensure their diet contains enough vegetables.
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