Massaging the lymph nodes

The Japanese are certainly no strangers to health and beauty crazes with many new techniques and systems developed to enhance beauty, health and general well-being on quite a regular basis.
The latest craze to hit the land of the rising sun is a simple yet beneficial facial massage that can be done right in the comfort of your own home. The massage is done with only your hands and was created to stimulate lymph nodes in the neck and behind the ears to drain fluid build-up - a by product responsible for many ailments.

One of the main functions of lymph nodes is to act as a drainage system by absorbing and expelling proteins, dead cells, bacteria and other waste products from the body. However, a lack of regular exercise coupled with the stresses and chemical intake of daily life causes the fluid to accumulate and become harder to 'flush out'.

Research by the Japan Lymph Massage Society (JLMS) has shown that the common effects of lymphatic fluid build-up are dull/drooping skin, swelling, painful joints, weight gain, cellulite as well as a decrease in the body's immunity.

To avoid such unwanted dilemmas, here are some steps to get you started on this simple and healthy massage technique.

  • Using both hands, massage downwards on the neck lymph nodes as well as behind the ears.
  • Massage the jaw line, lower/upper cheeks, around the eyes, and forehead while tracing your fingers back down to the lymph nodes.

There you go - simple! And that's all there is to it!

Regular lymphatic drainage massages can maintain a smooth flow of fluid, healthy lymph nodes, not to mention better skin and general well-being so give it a go before bed (or whenever you take a five minute break) and see if you notice any difference!
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