Mead to help get your groove on

Whoa - scientists in London are exploring the possibility that mead, an alcoholic honey drink, could be used to reinvigorate married sex lives.

Mead is "a fermented alcoholic beverage made of honey, water, and yeast." according to Wikipedia, which also suggests that the earliest reference to it was in Vedic times, around 1500 BC.

Honestly, it sounds delicious, though it's usually associated with those Live-Action Dungeons and Dragons matches, where they'd relax after slaying trolls in the dungeons of Yengor by quaffing large flagons of mead.

I'm reminded about Fear of Girls:

Well, luckily for those LARPers, the Royal Society of Chemistry in London is investigating the powers of mead to aide a healthy sex life!

"Researchers are seeking the help of prospective honeymooners willing to drink mead every evening for 30 days after they exchange their vows.

They will select one couple who will be asked to keep a nightly record of the effects or otherwise of the ancient brew. "

One couple? C'mon, Royal Society Fellows! You've got a sample size of one?
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