The Benefits of The Fruitarian Diet

To classify yourself as a fruitarian you must only consume raw fruit and seeds. Fruitarians avoid all cooked food and extreme fruitarians only eat fruit that has fallen from the tree of its own accord. Fruitarians don’t consume much water outside the dietary water received from ingesting fruit – so much for the recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day.

The site goes on to say that “fruit is the only food stuff that can completely satisfy humans… everything else is incomplete”. A pretty large claim I must say considering fruitarians would lack many nutrients such as iron from meat, good fats from fish and countless others from vegetables (which fruitarians are against because they are believed to be ‘killed’ when eaten).

Really pushes the benefits of eating fruit, and that “Every doctor, every nutritionist in the world agrees that people need fruit and fruit is the best food stuff for long term health”. We already know this, and that it’s definitely a novel idea to have a diet high in fruit, but the body needs a balanced diet from many sources to function optimally.

The first fruitarians were believed to be Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Other fruitarians include Leonardo Da Vinci and for a period in the 1970s, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computer. Other claims on the website include: fruitarians are “more attractive and beautiful”, have a “greater resistance to illness, pain and ageing” as well as “improvement of muscular coordination and balance of the body”.
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