The Effects of Juicing

Juicing fruits, especially oranges, may seem like a fun and easy way to get your recommended 3 fruits a day.

But in doing so we are removing the innate fiber of the oranges that are so important for our digestive systems. Juicing oranges at home or buying pre-packaged orange juices from supermarkets both are never as good as just eating a whole orange.

Orange juice is the liquid of the orange, with pulp removed. It contains water, sugar, Vitamin C and flavonoids (antioxidants). With these ingredients, plus fiber, digesting a whole orange is healthier as the cell walls of the fruit (made of fiber) have not been destroyed and are absorbed by the gut.

It’s easy to think you can get all your fruit in a glass of concentrated orange juice (which would contain 3 or 4 juiced oranges) but the nutritional benefits are never as good as what Mother Nature provided us naturally. A hint is that after a glass of juice you don’t really feel any fuller as it’s just basically water and sugar (although it’s good sugar) but eat three to four oranges and that will do the trick!
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