The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

According to the latest research revealed by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a common spice used in many kinds of desserts, chocolate, chewing gum etc. contains a secret health benefit.
Scientists and researchers have found that cinnamon may help you better regulate your blood-glucose levels meaning that it helps blood sugar move more efficiently into cells where it’s used.

This study was conducted at Malmö University Hospital in Sweden where a group of 14 people were split into two groups of 7 and given a dessert - one laced with cinnamon powder and the other without.

The group that had the dessert mixed with cinnamon measured significantly lower blood-glucose levels than those who’d eaten the unspiced one. This test was repeated at a later time with the other group and the same result was drawn.

Scientists and researchers believe that cinnamon may possibly slow down gastric emptying - a part of digestion where the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine occurs - thus allowing carbohydrates to be broken down slower, which leads to a lower post-meal blood-glucose concentration.

So why not chew on a cinnamon flavoured gum after your next meal - it can't hurt!
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