The Health Benefits of POPCORN

The Health Benefits of POPCORN

The main benefit of popcorn is it is a good source of fibre, aiding digestion and keeping your digestive system healthy. Also, according to the Popcorn Board popcorn uses whole grains which we know are much better for you.

Popcorn is a great snack to eat during lectures (although try and keep the rustle noise down as this encourages evil stares from fellow students). You can buy large packets of individual packs of popcorn from Woolworths (like you would potato chips if you were keen on clogging your arteries). These have 2.66 grams of fibre per serving – which is a pretty sizeable dose considering the continuously acclaimed Weet-Bix has 3.6 grams per serving (2 biscuits).

This popcorn is also low in energy with only about 90 calories per packet. And before you start worrying about salt – they really don’t add much. There is only 37mg per serving (opposed to 104mg in the humble Arnott’s Vita-Wheats). They are also very low in saturated and trans fats.

Now with all this health information just keep in mind that it doesn’t apply to the unhealthy, fatty popcorn you get at the movie theatre – which is presumably drenched in butter and salt, (not to mention preservatives, additives and probably other unhealthy crap - not that we’d have any idea!)

Remember, if you want to eat healthily just live by my rule*; if you don’t know what’s in it (and hence can’t judge if it’s good for you) – don’t eat it!
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