The Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are definitely in the top five of my favourite fruit-egetables, so I have dedicated this post to my red-skinned friends.

What you didn’t know about tomatoes:

  • The tomato probably originated in South America.
  • The tomato plant was assumed to be poisonous in Italy for many years, until peasants who had no alternative tried them and realised how harmless and DELICIOUS they are!
  • Tomato seeds cannot be digested and pass straight through the intestines.
  • Fruit or Vegetable? Wikipedia thinks that since the tomato is the ovary of a fruit plant, it could be called a fruit. But since tomatoes are served as part of a main meal they could be considered a vegetable. Hmmm….
  • Tomato consumption benefits the heart, and is helpful in aiding the prevention of cancer due to the lovely antioxidants within.

Remember – without tomatoes we wouldn’t have smooth-as tomato paste, squirt-on-everything tomato sauce, deliciously sweet cherry tomatoes in salads, and just how BAD would the almighty pizza be without tomatoes?
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