The Paleo Diet Explained

We can start with the biggest misconception I just met you the second earlier about these hunks of meat but you don't actually have to have excessive amounts of meat on this diet in fried mushrooms table.

Go ahead of me to be put up here they're all are part of the paleo diet so what people through what you typically would do when you guys are using when you're eating paleo I recommend about a palm-sized serving of protein.

So you can do this wild caught salmon or pastured eggs or this grass-fed beef and then you're really stealing the rest of your plate with vegetable so you can do like butternut squash or a baked potato and then with some of the kind of leafy greens and more nutrient-dense vegetable and add some fruit if you want either to the meal or as a side so we got them peaches hear some apples and then finally you're going to add some healthy fats rough will I get this right half your plate is vegetable avocado you can do between a quarter and a half of an avocado or you can do a closed hand full of nuts and seeds Oregon a tablespoon or two of oil like avocado oil extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for your cooking.

So big nasty have to eat only meat.

I people throw that criticism at the died all the time with this prove that there are two things that people want to get my mother.

I one of them is that counts he was a big issue and they're always how to make a house unit.

I think about that Dallas will have additional inflammatory load your body is better at actually storing accounting in your bones where they actually take in and you can get some of that from dark leafy greens and things like that and what about the cruise is about to hear about lack of five yasso actually this is a great source of fiber right here on all the different vegetables you going to you going to eat in in fruit and will soluble and insoluble fibers really rich and plentiful when you're feeling have to play with that's a lot of rules for the scientific not going all-in is there any point in me trying It On All or Nothing June instructor program like the whole 30 and then go on from there and figure out how to make it work for you long term.

Is very sustainable and balanced way to go to the Paleo Diet Melissa Reeder walk into this restaurant what was you order the chicken is skirt steak and grilled salmon all look like really great options you're going to want to take a look at your side dishes make sure that the potatoes, for example, aren't swimming and cream and then if you want to add a solid just take a look and make sure that you're not eating any sort of non paleo foods like the goat cheese and the California Bistro salad.

Deal out of it the waiter and the people at your table are going to make a big deal out of it there were five which I'm sure it's cuz you got your feelings all the time the most how do I make this work with a busy schedule and a family VFR number 6 question was Livia Livia you say there you are on the paleo diet for 3 years.

How's it work for you I'd plan? My meals on Sunday make up for the whole week I always have go to food I got a slice of apple so I'm in but I take a whole jar of almond butter with me in the car whenever I need to pack my meal for the day and then I don't come back till late and that sets me to pick a lock.

What is the paleo diet? you should only eat one serving of fat at every meal a serving of butts the size of a small Fest I push them up butter go larger than a ping pong ball I hope they give avocado the size of an egg and if you want coconut oil no more than half a shot glass and Carly number 7 on the countdown comes from Twitter curly posted if she says paleo is no carbs there's no way for me hashtag paleo problems so what do you think about it comes down his people will confuse carbohydrates as a fact of constituent with grain door products we talked about bread and pasta with no carbs but really you're going to get some carbohydrates yours not eating to lower nutrient sources like bread and pasta.
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