Truths to help you get in shape

Truths about getting in shape, and they're obvious, but inspirational to read. If you've ever tried to get into shape, you'll know that this is all good stuff. For example:

"Brush your teeth after dinner. This is such a simple thing, but it really helps. It makes you have that fresh, clean feeling in your mouth, and makes you not want to eat an after-dinner snack. For me, after-dinner snacks or desserts are what ruin my diet a lot of the time."

This is a great tip - brushing your teeth puts you in that frame of mind where you're declaring that you've eaten all that you're planning to eat for the day.

By this logic, brush your teeth after breakfast and be done with it.

It's a good list of tips, and I'd make a few modifications. Professionals proposes that you think about what you're eating when you eat; I'd go so far as to insist that you enjoy eating.

If you're making bland food in the interest of staying healthy, I think it's a doomed path of most resistance. All that'll happen is that you'll crave the foods that you don't allow yourself.

Make delicious food and cook it yourself... by cooking, you see exactly how much oil and fat goes into your food. I worked in a cafe in Sydney, and people would come in and rave about the food, ignorant of the fact that we just added loads of butter to everything.

Also, I'd advocate making reasonably high-calorie meals. Dieters are quick to make themselves a tame salad and call it a lunch, but eating too few calories will leave you feeling tired and rundown.
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