What I Eat In A Day As A Model

First thing I do in the morning is making a cup of tea this what you might call fees 40 and I like to use freshman and a stranger to really detox my body in the morning for my breakfast.

Today I'm going to have a coconut yogurt banana kiwi and some homemade granola. I tried to avoid Dairy so I'm using a coconut cashew yogurt which is a great substitute for a normal yogurt to check the label on the back because some of them contain actually at all sugars.

Then I'm using half a banana the rest I will use later today and this looks more able to work but I am working with the skin on it.

Most of the nutrition is actually in here and it doesn't taste Harry.

At all, I would say just give it a try prototyping.

I'm using my homemade turmeric puffed grains granola Sohail.

I have like breakfast ready to roll and is also super easy to me I don't actually go to make a new stock of her know that I have taken her breakfast so that will last for the rest of the Ford Econoline, very creative and you can use a different kind of puffed grains.

I'm losing two cups of popped rice and two cups of popped Milham but I'm adding one third divided ailments I will pay, as well but I didn't have him this time that I used two teaspoons of turmeric I really like the taste so sometimes I had a bit more I add a pinch of salt I add half a teaspoon of baking soda I'm using a bit too much hair Burnout 3 tablespoons of key to that is kind of nice buttery flavor and a hat is on top of the grains to make the Gorillaz we use 1/3 cup of honey and I mix everything together it makes it a little easier if you do it in a bowl but this way I have a little fewer dishes then it goes in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes let the granola cool down and at this into a glass jar and it is finished it is 1 p.m.

Right now and I'm going to prepare a little lunch so today I'm at home all day and I'm working a little bit so I don't do that March like physical activity in the morning so I didn't mean any disrespect in between I'm going to make like a rye bread and I'm going to cook an egg for some extra protein.

I start to boil an egg for about 5 minutes so it will be a soft-boiled egg and then I saw with two pieces of vibrant and a put on the Run original chickpea hummus from Whole Foods and the other a smash some organic avocado on this actually avocado almost every day because it contains so many good and healthy fats are some pepper and salted avocado and put some sliced cucumber on the Hub has a Sprinkle Edward Cochise on top of my avocado spread to give it a final touch and I had some leftover zucchini from the night before so I use that as a side for my lunch today.

I don't like to throw out food always feel like a little wacko version the fridge I can always build something so this is kind of a long should I take if I don't have that much time to make a tell her to prepare like a whole salad and I dodged so rye bread has been one of my favorites for a long time as well and normally with my meal I just have water if I'm really really cool that has at but something personal easy healthy snack for me is a smoothie and this is my favorite green smoothie recipe the base is baby kale I add frozen spinach to Frozen mango half of the leftover banana vegan vanilla protein powder and this one is very clean and it's not sweetened which. I really like.

I'm adding a maca powder which has an earthy flavor and then I use Elmhurst almond milk and is my favorites because it only contains two ingredients water and almonds Zoe it's right to go green smoothie recipe of.

I really like to have a smoothie like a snack if I feel I'm starting to get hungry or I'm going to do a quick pick and because it is one of the strongest super creeps out there and then I really like 30 shavers but I feel really Blends well with sweet it contains a lot of like minerals and antioxidants and it's full of fiber or so I thought it was really good for your.
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