What is lemon detox diet?

With the weather getting warmer by the day and summer fast approaching, it makes sense that many people are trying to get back into shape and lose the excess 'spare tyre' around the waist from one too many cups of hot chocolate over the winter months.

So, now that you have made up your mind to get in shape for summer to look all buff in a pair of budgie smugglers or sexy string bikini, it's time to work out which type of diet would most suit your lifestyle and needs.

One type of diet, most recently popularised by singer Beyonce Knowles, is the Lemon Detox Diet which she used to get in shape for her role in the 2006 movie Dream Girls.

This diet is essentially part of the Master Cleanse which involves no consumption of solid foods but instead, drinking a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup, water (bottled) and cayenne pepper.

By consuming this mixture, the body is said to be detoxified as the drink eliminates toxins and congestion that have built up in the body over time while still delivering essential vitamins and minerals and some sugars to the body.

Typically speaking, the recommended duration of this diet is a minimum of 10 days to allow the body to adapt, detoxify and thus resulting in weight loss. It is, however, very common for people to stay on the diet for extended periods of time.

Some critics claim the diet to be 'just another fad diet' with starvation as the main contributing factor to any weight loss. Thus, short-term weight loss will be apparent but will lead to long(er) term weight gain plus other side effects.

As with most diets, some work and some don't and while this lemon detox diet has proven results, results may vary.
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