What's Wrong with Preservatives & Additives?

The Truth about Preservatives

You’ve been told to minimise your intake of preservatives. But Why?

What’s the difference between preservatives and additives?

Preservatives, as the name suggests, aim to preserve food to discourage spoilage and fungus growth. These chemicals include BHA (butylated hydroxytoluene) and Sulphites. The first preservatives were made of embalming fluid that is used on dead bodies to preserve them – such as formaldehyde.

Additives are added to food to increase its shelf life by retaining or improving flavour and appearance. Additives you’re probably heard of include the big MSG, anti-caking agents and added flavours/sweeteners and thickeners. These modern additives are a far cry from the harmless additives once used such as vinegar and salt (also used as preservatives).

Where would I find additives and preservatives?
Preservatives can be found everywhere. Even when a product does not require a long shelf life. You’ll find them in virtually all packaged supermarket foods (unless specified otherwise/organic), and even in take away foods such as pizza and McDonald’s. Since additives improve the appearance and taste of food you’ll also find them everywhere; from milk, snacks and drinks to ice cream and cheese.

Are they really bad for me?

Both additives and preservatives have been linked to cancer, allergies and other ailments. Some people have reactions to the additive MSG which can cause headaches, tightness of the chest, and burning sensations. And there is a reason why artificial sweeteners such a phenylalanine/aspartame found in chewing gum and sugar free soft drinks have the “Excess consumption may have a laxative effect” warning – you’re body doesn’t want those additives, they’re just not good for you. Preservatives also link to behavioural problems in children.

The final say...

In the end, you don’t have to believe any of these claims being made against preservatives or additives. Just remember that the body requires carbohydrates, proteins and fats for its vital metabolism, and sculling down a can of diet coke with heaps of numbers and extra long chemicals you can’t pronounce listed on the can isn’t needed, isn’t natural and hence may lead to health problems.
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