Wheat Grass Juice – The Facts

Due to the high chlorophyll content of wheatgrass, many people have started drinking daily shots of this green juice before breakfast to make them 'healthier' in a number of ways:

A wheatgrass shot claims to nourish the blood and detoxify poisons, purify the liver, rebuild the bloodstream, boost energy and immunity, play a role in keeping teeth and bones strong, melt excess fat in your system, help treat acne and even keep your hair from going grey.

Choice Magazine did a study and investigated these claims to find out the truth. The main result was “wheatgrass juice may provide some vitamins and minerals, but in tiny amounts. A shot isn’t a substitute for eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables”.

In summary:

  • A shot of wheatgrass juice is NOT equivalent to a kilo of fresh green vegetables. In fact, Choice compared the nutrients in a shot of wheatgrass juice with a similar quantity (about 30 g) of cooked spinach and broccoli. Even this small amount of these vegies contains more of certain minerals and vitamins, including calcium, vitamin C and folic acid, than wheatgrass juice. Plus they contain fibre. Even a garden salad has way more fibre that wheatgrass juice, plus a range of nutrients. Hence, a whole kilogram of vegetables is beyond comparison.

  • There is limited evidence that wheatgrass acts as an anti-inflammatory and has wound-healing properties
  • The statement that wheatgrass builds red blood cells and improves circulation and tissue oxygenation is based on speculation
  • There is inconclusive evidence that wheatgrass helps prevent cancer and no evidence that it can cure cancer
  • There have been mixed results relating to the ingestion of wheat grass and the reduction of bad breath and body odour.

So before you jump on the wheatgrass bandwagon, or any other hype for that matter, do some research first and find out if it really is worth the time and money.
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